District Council

The Challenge

Employing almost 1,000 people at several sites and providing a broad scope of public services to more than 130,000 local residents, this District Council needed to upgrade its Wi-Fi to maintain PSN compliance while the provision of VoIP telephony services needed enhancing.

This required:

  • The reconfiguration of the existing Cisco-based wireless network to ensure fast, reliable and secure access to council services.
  • The reconfiguration of core network services to provide a resilient and scalable service as well as a guaranteed quality of service for traffic prioritisation across the network.
  • A partnership based upon on-going support and technical expertise.

The Solution

Calibre completed a strategic review of the council’s IT system and examined existing base-line configurations and logs. This identified amongst other issues the core network architecture was restrictive and misconfigured, preventing a consistent level of service quality across the network.

The reconfiguration of the network and the standardisation of quality service levels network-wide was completed and secured as standard by Calibre.

The work to improve the network architecture involved logical and physical changes while two high performance Cisco switches were deployed to increase performance for some key servers/services within the contact centre area of the business.

The Benefits

Network performance levels have significantly improved, leading to the provision of a high quality and far more reliable service for people who access the council’s services on remote PCs and smart devices.

Problems with VoIP telephony have also been resolved, creating an all-round better performing system that’s used by external and internal customers. Calls are no longer lost or cut-off and overall call quality has improved dramatically.

Calibre has also resolved Wi-Fi security protocol problems which in turn has not only increased system capacity, but also enabled staff personal mobile devices to be used via a council BYOD policy to automatically and securely connect to online and email services.

The stats.


wifi security issues resolved


increase in network performance


increased customer service levels


reduction in spend levels

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