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The Challenge

Employing 400 people at its site, our customer manufactures life-saving breathing equipment to protect people working in hazardous environments around the world. A strategic review of the company’s IT identified the need to upgrade the existing network, which was proving unreliable.

This required:

  • A re-evaluation and assessment of existing and future requirements to develop a strategic road-map to drive forward an IT upgrade programme.
  • Replacing a legacy system with a new network built around the latest generation of high performance wireless and cloud technology.
  • Partnership based upon on-going support and technical expertise.

Calibre’s audit identified a requirement for a fast, extremely reliable and future-proof wireless network infrastructure that would power the seamless operation of VoIP telephony services, PCs and other devices as well as elements of manufacturing capacity and production.

The Solution

The system architecture was designed secured as standard, reconfigured with routing and core separated. The ageing network was replaced with state-of-the-art Cisco hardware, featuring 3560 switch technologies to boost performance and meet requirements for a reliable and stable platform.

Phase I of the upgrade will be followed by the roll-out of the new network to cover all six buildings across the company estate, which accommodates production, technical support, sales and marketing, HR and accounts’ services.

The Benefits

A fully supported platform has led to significant enhancements in network performance whilst reliability issues have been resolved with the resultant benefit in improved service levels.

Further phases will continue to build on the foundations laid by Calibre, ensuring they are able to move forward with one of the most advanced and capable wireless networks available, securing its IT needs now and well into the future, protected from the latest threats.

The stats.


managed service


man hours recovered


cost saving


increase in staff productivity

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