Global Automotive Supplier

The Challenge

The company is one of the largest global automotive suppliers with a worldwide customer base which presented an initial challenge. The company is an obvious target for cyber criminals since manufacturing is amongst the top three industries to be targeted.

The company stored quantities of IPR and other important data and was aware that they operated in a climate where manufacturing security breaches were becoming more frequent. The company was looking for a solution which would strengthen their current security protection and add stability to the operations of the business.

The Solution

The company initially took advantage of the 21-day Umbrella trial and noticed a dramatic increase in security alerts straight away. Adding protection at a DNS layer was new to the company but they knew that blocking threats at this perimeter layer made perfect since. The solution ensures it catches everything at this layer and can be integrated into the company estate.

The Benefits

Umbrella was implemented within half a day. Because the solution is cloud based there is no new physical hardware to manage. Umbrella had an immediate impact on the reduction of AV alerts, which dropped at least 20 percent. Also, the company noted a 50% reduction in IPS events in some locations. There was also a significant drop in malware events. The decrease in alerts was critical because the company can now respond much faster and better communicate around threats, especially phishing emails. The greatest impact has been the subsequent drop in the number of systems that need to be reinstalled or wiped due to threats.

While that variation in volume and user participation presents measurement challenges, the company estimates remediation time has dropped by 20 percent. All of this leads to an improved process, and the company has been able to invest time, once required for alert analysis, into other areas. We appreciate the responsive support we received from the Cisco team and have gained new transparency, without the extended deployment many other traditional security solutions require. The company can now proactively protect all users on their network and help safeguard the IP that’s at the heart of our business.

The stats.


decrease in Intrusion Prevension System (IPS) alerts


decrease in AV alerts


decrease in remediation time


increase in recovered man hours

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